Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good Stuff #3 - Mini Pops! - Finally!! An Alternative to Popcorn

I love popcorn...I really do.

Popcorn has been my comfort food since I was a small child.  Just about every evening, after the dishes were done and everyone was settling down to read or watch TV, my mom would make a huge batch of popcorn for the family.  I continued this habit throughout college and into my married with children life. 

I can almost smell it, the aroma was intoxicating then and it is now.  

Unfortunately,  after suffering years of terrible gastrointestinal distress, my doctor came to the conclusion that, I have a corn allergy.  Perfect....just lovely. 

I removed corn from my diet, and immediately began to feel better.  For years I had severe stomach pain and discomfort, and for years I comforted myself with popcorn.

I'm truly grateful for the discovery, however, it has been challenging living without some of my favorite foods: corn on the cob, cornbread, tortilla chips w/ salsa, Doritos, Cheetos...you get the idea.

To make matters worse,  the smell of popcorn seems to follow me.  Between visits to Target, the car dealership, and let's not even mention the movie theatre, I am hounded by POPCORN!! (By the way...I do realize that I'm being just a tad bit dramatic.)   :)
Finally, it brings me great joy to share with you, my most wonderful discovery!!!

Mini pops!!!!!

Here's the story:

I was at my local TJ Maxx store (in the gourmet foods section again) and I noticed this product!

Mini Pops!

 I purchased a bag and ran out to the car.  I sat down, took a deep breath and opened it.  Immediately, a popcorn like smell permeated the air! I looked inside.  The tiny kernels looked like popcorn.  Could it be???!!!  I reached in and tossed a few into my mouth....and YES!!!!!! It tasted like popcorn!!!! I was so grateful and relieved!!! I finally found something to replace my beloved popcorn!!!!!

Note: The picture shown above is not the actual bag I purchased that day.  I ate that bag of Mini Pops and threw it away before I took the picture.  It was 3 oz.  I tracked down these smaller bags (1oz.) at Cost Plus World Market.

Sorghum is a grain that is commonly used for cereal. 

Here's what it looks like!

Sorghum Plant
Sorghum Grain

Mini Pops:

Organic (YEAH!)
Gluten Free!
Non-GMO - Not Genetically Modified!!!
Sorghum Farmed in the US!

You can purchase Mini Pops popped or unpopped.
There are 8 popped varieties!  Here are just a few!

Itty Bitty Butter
Sub-Atomic Sea Salt
Baby White Cheddar
Nano Pepper & Herb

Mini Pops can be ordered online or purchased at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Cost Plus World Market.

Click below for more info or to order online!

Mini Pops Website 

So....What do you guys think?  Are you as happy as I am?  Don't forget to comment, share and follow!!!

Denise :)


  1. I am sooo happy for you, I can feel the excitement through the computer (ha ha)! Yeah, I'll have to give it a try! Denise M

  2. Thank you!! I've only tried the Itty Bitty Butter and Sub-Atomic Sea Salt. I found the Baby White Cheddar last week, so I'll try it soon!

  3. Great Review! I never knew anything else popped besides corn! I love popcorn but can't stand the hulls - these look awesome - Thanks for the post!

  4. Thank you!!! They are really good! It's almost time for me to replenish my supply!